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Amsterdam (AMS)


Her love for performing began as a 10-year-old when she was part of a dance team that performed showdance and streetdance. With this team she became a Dutch National Champion several times. At home she started playing the piano to accompany herself singing. She also joined the Dutch Theater School for children (NKT), supplemented by private singing lessons.


After getting her high school degree, she followed her ultimate passion to study musical and music theater at the Frank Sanders Academy in Amsterdam. From that moment on, her theatrical development accelerated. Next to these four years of great experiences, she started an a-cappella quartet with friends from the academy. Mainly for fun and the love for close harmony.


In 2021 she got the chance of a lifetime to join Herman van Veen at his Arts Center in Soest. She also got to keep developing her skills at the Wilminks Kweek in Enschede where she is doing various shows such as the ABBA FOREVER concerts and the musical theatre show SCROOGE. 


Anna Geerse

Anna Geerse

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