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Milan  (MXP & LIN)


‘Electrifying Strings with Feminine Finesse’


Caterina Caramella is a distinguished Italian solo violinist and performer, from Milan, Italy. Her musical journey commenced at the age of 7, marking the start of a remarkable career leading to working with world knows artists such as Michael Buble and Woody Allen.


Formally trained at the Milano Conservatory, Caterina attained her degree in 2014.

After graduation, she participated in masterclasses and specialized courses, notably at the Academie De Musique Tibor Varga in Sion, Switzerland.


Caterina has performed all over the world, in various different prestigious orchestral tours: China (tour in twenty different cities), Macau, Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), Oman (Muscat, Royal Opera House).

She performed also in Europe, all over the Italy, in Germany (München) and in France and she has collaborated as violinist for several years with the famous “La Scala Theater”, in Milan, Italy.


In a bold evolution of her artistry, Caterina transitioned to the electric violin, captivating audiences at prestigious luxury events and partnering with renowned brands like Ferrari, Rolex, and Campari. From the enchanting shores of Lake Como to the glamorous thoroughfares of Cannes and Monaco.


Her television appearances on leading networks RAI and Mediaset have brought her artistry into the homes of millions, while her recent singles, released in collaboration with Zero Crossing Records, underscore her versatility as an artist. Tracks such as ‘The Final Countdown’, ‘Wake Me Up’, and ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ showcase her ability to infuse classical melodies with contemporary flair.




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