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45 min.

Milan  (MXP & LIN)


Introducing Duo IaSi Actually, a mesmerizing fusion of two exceptional talents, Iana and Salvatore, affectionately known as Sasi. Hailing from diverse artistic realms, they seamlessly blend their backgrounds in dance and circus arts to deliver captivating performances that defy gravity and ignite the imagination.

Salvatore's journey into the world of performing arts began at the tender age of 12, when he embarked on a rigorous classical ballet training in Napoli. His passion for dance led him to grace stages across the globe, from Madrid to the Croatia National Theatre, the Royal Danish Opera House, and the illustrious Tivoli Ballet. Yet, amidst his achievements, Salvatore harbored a dream of transcending earthly confines, yearning to dance among the clouds.

In contrast, Iana's path to aerial artistry took a different trajectory. Introduced to the circus world at the age of 20, she initially explored the mesmerizing realms of fire dancing before discovering her true calling in aerial performance. With unwavering determination, she honed her skills in Pole Dance, Cyr Wheel, and Adagio, immersing herself in a world where movement meets magic.

Their paths converged in the vibrant city of Berlin, where fate orchestrated their meeting at a rehearsal. Recognizing the synergy between their talents, they embarked on a collaborative journey, birthing a spellbinding duo that marries Salvatore's airborne aspirations with Iana's dynamic artistry. Together, they breathe life into their shared vision, crafting performances that transcend boundaries and leave audiences spellbound.

Duo IaSi Actually is not merely a combination of names; it's a testament to the power of partnership, creativity, and the boundless possibilities of human expression. Join them on their voyage across the seas, where every performance is a testament to the beauty of synchronicity and the triumph of artistic synergy.


Duo IaSi

Duo IaSi

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