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Marijne is singer, musical actress and dancer born and raised in the Netherlands. Her passion for performing was ignited when, at the age of three, she started at her mother’s dance school. From there she developed her skills and attended the preliminary education years at the Lucia Marthas School for Performing Arts where she graduated in 2018 with a specialisation in Musical Theatre.

Soon after her graduation she landed her first contract as a lead vocalist traveling the world aboard a cruise-liner. Once back she went on performing as a part of Magus Utopia, an international magic theatre show, including several tv appearances in different countries.


Recently she decided to further improve on her own voice, gaining more knowledge of vocals - she obtained a master qualification at the Universal Voice Institute.


Currently she works as a freelance performer appearing in music videos, live

performances and a variety of shows in her home country.


Marijne Venhuizen

Marijne Venhuizen

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