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The Netherlands

Band and/or tracks

30 - 100 min.

Amsterdam (AMS)


Introducing Unrushed, the dynamic Dutch band poised to elevate your musical experience both on the high seas and solid ground with their vibrant repertoire and innovative style.

At the forefront is Anouk, the magnetic lead singer whose powerhouse vocals breathe new life into every song, captivating audiences with her emotive delivery and undeniable stage presence.
Erik, the soulful guitarist and vocalist, adds depth and richness to Unrushed's sound, infusing each performance with his masterful guitar riffs and heartfelt lyrics.
Completing the trio is Melissa, the talented pianist and vocalist whose melodies intertwine seamlessly with Anouk and Erik's, creating harmonies that resonate long after the music fades.

Unrushed's repertoire spans genres and eras, from the iconic ballads of Celine Dion to the infectious energy of Beyoncé, ensuring there's something for everyone in their electrifying sets.
With covers ranging from the raw emotion of "You Oughta Know" to the haunting beauty of "Arcade" and the timeless allure of "Fast Car," Unrushed delivers each song with a fresh perspective and a boundless passion that leaves audiences mesmerized.


Whether they're rocking the boat or enchanting crowds on land, Unrushed promises an unforgettable musical journey filled with excitement, leaving audiences craving more with each note they play.




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