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30 - 100 min.

Ancona (AOI)  or Rome (FCO)


Valentino Alessandrini is a 29-year-old virtuoso hailing from the picturesque Marche region in Italy. His musical journey commenced at the age of five, and since then, Valentino's dedication to the art of the violin resulted to his graduation from the 'G. Rossini' Conservatory in Pesaro, mentored by Maestro A. Venanzi. Subsequently, he earned a second-level Academic Diploma under the guidance of Maestro D. Conti, achieving top marks and honors.

From an early age, Valentino has graced prestigious orchestras worldwide, performing with luminaries like the 'Birmingham Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra,' the 'Orchester der Tiroler Festspiele Erl (Austria),' the 'Europa Unita' Symphony Orchestra, the 'Filarmonica Marchigiana' Orchestra (FORM), the 'Duchi d’Acquaviva' Symphony Orchestra in Atri, and many more. His artistry has harmonized with renowned conductors, including Gustav Kuhn, Chris Houlding, Fraser Goulding, Michael Seal, and Alberto Zedda.

Acknowledged as 'the violin's golden boy,' Valentino's transcends classical boundaries, seamlessly venturing into the realm of quality pop. He pioneers an innovative approach to music, crafting covers of songs across genres. From pop to filmmusic, to rock, to classical and back to pop!

Valentino has already released four albums: 'Violin Covers Vol.1,' 'Violin Covers Vol.2,' 'Le Più Belle Colonne Sonore Vol.1,' and 'Violin Covers Vol.3.'

His enchanting melodies have resonated across continents, on stages in Italy, America, England, Germany, Holland, France, Austria, Switzerland, and San Marino. His expansive tour of the United States in January 2020 included performances in California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona, captivating audiences in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Santa Monica, and Sedona. In London he graced venues like the 'Symphony Hall,' the 'Crescent Theatre,' and the 'Town Hall'.

Valentino’s collaboration with producer Miklos Malek led to the arrangement of 'Feel Alive,' a track co-authored with globally celebrated DJ Markus Schulz and American vocalist London Thor, distributed worldwide.

His musical prowess has found a home on prominent Italian television channels like Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3, Rai Sport. In March 2023, Valentino captivated audiences on Rai 1's 'Uno Mattina In Famiglia' with his arrangement of Marco Mengoni's 'Due Vite.'

His performances have also delighted leading brands, including Nike, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Land Rover, Tod’s, Hogan, Mediolanum and significant sporting events, enhancing the experiences of fans of AC Milan and Lube Volley.

His social media presence is a testament to his global appeal, boasting millions of views across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, with over 150,000 dedicated followers. His violin-infused tracks have garnered millions of streaming clicks, confirming his status as a musical sensation.


Valentino Allesandrini

Valentino Allesandrini

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