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Marta Cucala is a professional dancer born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. Currently she is living in the Netherlands to put a step forward in her performance career.

She discovered musical theater through her older brother, who was the one introducing it to her. After seeing him on the stage performing the “Lion King”, she decided to dive in the artistic world and since then she has always loved being on stage.

Performing has always been her passion but she specialized in dance when she started learning contemporary and modern technique.

After two years of studying architecture she decided to quit and become a professional

dancer. She studied a professional dance at Som-hi dansa in Barcelona meanwhile she was studying Psychology. After graduating in 2022 she decided to move away from home to be able to keep learning from other teachers and get involved with new projects.

Before moving, she has been performing in a contemporary piece “ Es Hoy Es Mañana” with Valenzuela dance and in some Videoclips as “Who is it”. 

Marta is currently working as a freelance performer in The Netherlands


Marta Cucala

Marta Cucala

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